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 I love helping people.  I'm very passionate about educating people about massage, help people slowdown and destress.  I encourage clients to healthy lifestyle choices to better deal with the many good and bad stressors of life. I...


 (402)643-1501  On-Call in Seward County 

Available at 2005 Road 10, Waco, NE and at

Callahan Chiropractic,  1100 Lincoln Ave, York, NE

No longer available at Haute Hair Studio & Spa in Fallbrook 


Welcome to Denise's Beauty & Body, where massage therapy is a great experience.  I believe true beauty starts on the inside with good health and mental happiness .  It is the result of  choices and habits in our daily lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, our attitude, and general awareness of ones's health and body.

Massage can be a great way to reduce harmful effects of stress on the body, improve in range of motion, and lessening or alleviating pain.

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Notice:  I recently closed my Seward office, but I am able to travel to you if you have space for my table.