It can be hard to relax if you have questions, concerns, or just uncertain of what to expect.  So the more you know, the better your experience will be.  For any questions or concerns, stop in or call me and we can walk through the process. 

Denise's massage work has given me mobility and pain relief beyond what I had hoped I might experience. I had lived for years with a chronic knot in my back, and had given up hope for anything different. My husband encouraged me to see Denise, and Denise and I both "rejoiced" as we witnessed increasing mobility and the knot gradually dissipate. I encourage anyone who desires wellness--or even simply a "treat" to see Denise.          -Barb

    Denise is very professional, while being sensitive and compassionate. Being willing to accommodate a busy schedule seems to be part of the process. The experience for me was amazing. The stiffness and pain that I had accredited to age just melted away under her hands and left me feeling stronger and much more flexible. I'm always looking forward to my next visit.      -Lynn

The massage was amazing!  It was the best that I had ever received.  Thank You!      -  Bridget


Excellent!  I felt totally relaxed afterwards.  Best of all, the knot that I had in my back for the past several weeks was completely gone after just one session with her!  I would definitely recommend her services to my family and friends.         -  Christine 


The massage was the best one I've ever had!  I felt so relaxed afterwards.  The Hot Stones are amazing!  I can't think of any suggestions.  Everything was perfect!       -   Carrie


Outstanding massage therapist!  I've had trouble finding a massage therapist who can apply the pressure level I enjoy, and Denise has filled that gap.      -   Wendy

I really enjoyed the Hot Stones!  They warmed me up and relaxed me on a cold day!  I also appreciate she took extra time on my stressed back muscles and offering to finish after my next appointment I needed to be at.  It's obvious you care about your clients.  Thank You!     - Alecia

Was probably one of the most relaxing massages I've received. Really enjoyed the heated rocks. Thank You!     - Randy

I have had two massages -- Swedish and Melt-away Stone massage. Both times it was a great experience! Each massage had a different approach, but I left feeling good and relaxed each time.  Definitely will be returning for that well-being and relaxed feeling.                -Sammy


Very well done. Felt totally relaxed and comfortable.  Pressure was just right. Very good health tips also.  Had a very relaxing time. Great job!                      --Caitlin

       I was a little apprehensive coming to oan unfamiliar residence for my massage, but Denise put me at ease right away. Her studio was tasteful and relaxing. I loved the amount of light and the music. The massage itself was wonderful! Denise really did focus on the whole body, and checked in with me to make sure the massage was just right for me. THANKS!                         --Angie

Denise, you really worked out my muscles in between my shoulder blades and back! Thank you so much! I'm really relaxed! ☺   -Rae